Perkins Gas Generator

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NG/LNG Generator

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Perkins Series Gas Generator Set
British PERKINS ENGINE COMPANY LIMITED created by entrepreneur Frank•Perkins in British Peterborough in 1932,which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engine.Service Network covers more than 180 countries and areas, all outlets uphold the most stringent standards, to assure that the customers in every corner of the world can obtain the best quality of service.
The Perkins 4000 Series gas engines give you the versatility you need for today’s power generation market. They deliver the same high efficiency performance as their diesel counterparts and meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. They can run on landfill gas, digester gas, biogas and coal-bed mine gas and, with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact design, they are easy to transport and install.
1.Powered by Perkins 4000 series gas engine
2.Equipped with famous Brushless alternator – Optional Stamford, Leroy-Somer, Marathon, Mecc alte, Kingway,
3. Equipped with optional controller system , Deep sea, ComAp , Smartgen
advanced generator set control system,  ATS system, remote control system, parallel operation system.
4. Radiator 40C max, fans are driven by belt, with safety guard
Manufacturing Standard

Prime Power Engine
Gas Consumption
Cylinder Alternator Dimension
KGP375N 375 300 4006-23TRS1 160x190 86 6L LSA46.2VL12 4450×1750×2350
KGP460N 460 368 4006-23TRS2 160x190 103 6L LSA47.2M7 4450×1750×2350
KGP525N 525 420 4008-30TRS1 160x190 118 8L LSA47.2M7 4800×1800×2400
KGP625N 625 500 4008-30TRS2 160x190 136 8L LSA49.1S4A 4800×1800×2400
KGP1075N 1075 860 4016-61TRS1 160x190 241.2 16V LSA49.1L11 6800×2600×2900
KGP1250N 1250 1000 4016-61TRS2 160x190 273 16V LSA50.2M6 6800×2600×2900