Company Profile


Qingdao Kingway  Industry  Co., Ltd is one of the most professional and reputable generator manufacturer and power solutions in China.
Main Members:
Jiangsu Kingway  Power Engineering Co.Ltd
Jiangsu Kingway  Radiator Co.Ltd
Jiangsu Kingway  Generator  Co.Ltd
Fujian Power  Solution  Co.Ltd
All of our products meet  the quality standard for different countries and regions in the world.
Kingway Generator is the best option of the owners, developers and architects in the world for the who are seeking in their design and idea.
The company has ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certification and implements its standards in all its activities, from design to production, from purchases to sales. Each model is tested until it is fully ready to run when it is delivered.
The company’s international success is also due to the technical assistance that is readily available in every corner of the world. GenSet, through its sales network, is present in 1,200 sales outlets in over 90 countries worldwide.