Silent Generator

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Silent Generator

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Kingway soundproof canopy generator sets are designed by the professional engineers with over ten years of experience.
Now we can control the generator set s ' noise to 1m 80-85dB(A),7m 70~75dB(A),15 m 60~65dB(A)

  • Multi-channel inlet and outlet vents ensure the power performance of the generator set.

  • The large composite impedance  type muffler effectively reduces the noise of the generator set.

  • Internal high-performance rubber shock pad and flexible materials reduce generator set’s vibration

  • The oil tank at bottom can support the generator set working for 8 hours.

  • The soundproof canopy is made of cold steel material.

  • The best powder spray, chemical surface treatment before spraying to ensure corrosion resistance and coating quality

  • Beautiful,nice and reliable.

  • Stainless steel locks and hinges.

  • Adapt to all-weather operation

  • Fireproof, rainproof, dustproof.

  • High-performance soundproof materials can effectively reduce noise.